Food Detox, Week 2


I have to admit I didn’t realize my detox updates weren’t posting to my blog so I wanted to catch up with you on our progress!

FOOD DETOX – Week 2, Day 2. So kicking the sugar habit and removing breakfast cereals for daughter has worked great! She remarked how she lost a pound and feels more energetic. I’m so proud of her!❤️ She’s riding her bike 🚲 every day now, which she had zero interest over the past year. There are tough moments with this eating program – I’m glad we are doing it over several months. She has experienced a few mood swings that caused her to snap at times😫, but I reassured her its a healthy part of the process. She doesn’t realize it but she’s going to bed and waking more easily, then before😴. I’m waking at strange hours, like WIDE awake 😳. She’s listening to more music 🎶 and watching less YouTube. 🤔 This week we are reducing our protein and carb intake to palm size portions and adding more veggies, salads specifically🥙. I’M DONE with the bagged salads! The dressings and toppings taste gross🤮 Back to buying heads of lettuce and spinach –> going raw🥦! She had a hard time with dinner last night – “Dad this sucks I don’t want to do it anymore!!!” 😡 But I reassured her she was doing great and we just brainstormed 20 or 30 ideas till we found something in the refrigerator. She is SOOOO missing peanuts🥜! Her favorite peanut brand are sprayed with canola oil, so we banned them🚫. I’m not enjoying fruit at all. If I have 3 grapes I’m done. The sugar in fruit just isn’t palatable. Bummer cause I used to love fruit . . . I’m amazed but she has taken to eating grapes, cherries and berries 🍒 so it’s much better than snacking on a bowl of cheerios at ten o’clock at night🌙. Last, my energy levels feel better 💪, I haven’t had a food coma bloating session yet, except when I went for Thai food last week, but hey, it was some REALLY great Thai food! #fooddetoxprogramsforlife