Feeling Tired All the Time


It’s not ok to feel tired all of the time. So my daughter really wanted to do a food detox with me….and…today is day 2. I agreed to do it over 90 days, not 7 like I used to. My body used to feel so mangled up inside doing the really short ones and caused too much inner chaos. In the first week the only adjustment to our food program we will be making is to cut out sugar from snacking and eliminating breakfast cereals. Goodbye pancakes 🥞. She is going to miss that Saturday morning ritual. We replaced both with non-dairy yogurt, fruit and raw almonds. 🍐 No honey or agave either. Stevia is ok. Lunch and dinner for week 1 will be the same except except white starch foods will be replaced with a salad or vegetable soup made from vegetable stock and raw veggies. Honestly easing my way out of sugar sounds easy but it really does require the discipline of drinking more water and resting more. The adrenal glands and kidneys need time to adjust to the change otherwise anything from dizziness and light headedness is likely to occur, for me at least. In week 2 we will be changing our dinner program to cut back on animal protein and cut dairy from the meal entirely. Lunch will stay the same. My daughter doesn’t know it yet but starting in week 2 we also CHANGE the dressing used on our salads and ranch dressings and other pre-made dressings will be replaced by simple Apple Cider Vinegar and olive oil. She can always opt out and have soup but the point is to move away from the store bought dressings that contain canola oil. Last but not least will be an increase in our exercise program. We have agreed to a minimum of a 30 minute walk together, even though i will do more. I want to get back to doing 20 pullups 💪 in a row! That’s a goal to work up to. To our health!😃🍇🍌🥑 #fooddetoxprogramsforlife