Multiple Advertisements for My Rental Listings

I have been often asked why there are usually more than one advertisement for my houses listings on Craig’s List, Trulia, Hot Pads and Zillow.  Not because the property is undeserving, but because they see a different contact person in each ad!  Here’s my short explanation:  The residential real estate rental industry has become extremely active in the past few years – this has resulted in increasing competition amongst property managers and leasing agents (including yours truly) to rent houses.  Although the rules to advertising house listings is clear cut on the multiple listing service (MLS) it is less so for third party advertising web sites like Craig’s List, Trulia, Hot Pads and Zillow.  The main reason is that landlords and owners don’t always establish rules with the property managers and agents that are renting their homes for these websites.  The motto in the rental world is “GET IT RENTED!”  As a direct contractor for Invitation Homes I gather all rental information; rents, security deposits, application process-fee’s-processing times, approval guidelines and more ALL DIRECTLY FROM THE OWNER.   As the owner’s agent working with me is the same as working with the owner directly.  Do not trust third party advertising unless you see the Invitation Homes name and California BRE or my name as agent for Invitation Homes with my California Realtors BRE.


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